Network Marketing – Breaking Free and Achieving Your Dreams!

Everyone has dreams. Some are very prominent and always in your thoughts. Others are buried and forgotten, perhaps because of discouragement and failure to achieve them in the past.

Thankfully, there is one way that the average person can achieve financial success and resurrect long-forgotten dreams – network marketing.

Network marketing is one of the few vehicles that offers just about anyone a shot at success.

Making it in network marketing:

* doesn’t require a college degree or fancy education

* lets you earn an above average income while having time freedom and choice

* builds your self confidence

* teaches you leadership skills that are valuable in many areas of your life

* enables you to help others in ways you ordinarily couldn’t

The key to achieving all these benefits, and more, is treating your business as a business and not a hobby. Like any entrepreneur, you work hard for little payback in the beginning. Like any serious business, you have to learn new things and master new skills. You have to invest time in self development and training.

Network marketing (also commonly called MLM) sometime gets a negative reputation because of people who hype their businesses as “get rich quick” opportunities. Many people get started in network marketing believing this lie. As a result, they get discouraged and quit long before they’ve had time to even lay a foundation for success.

Don’t believe the lies. Do you want to really make money and achieve financial and personal freedom in network marketing? If so, are you willing to do these things?

* carefully choose an established and reputable opportunity

* commit to 3-5 years of consistent and steady effort

* invest money and time in self-development for yourself

* invest money and time into promoting your business correctly

* learn from leaders who know what it takes to win, and follow their lead

If you can answer “YES” to all these things, start looking for a great opportunity and buckle down for the ride of your life!

Buying a Franchise – Pros and Cons

People out of work, or worried about losing their jobs and not inclined to keep looking for employment might want to consider purchasing a franchise.

And buying into a franchise system can be a smart investment for someone who doesn’t feel secure about a future working for someone else. An auto service, fast food outlet, mailing center or other kind of franchised business can provide a solid and predictable income.

But that choice has some dangers and drawbacks that the franchisors don’t always mention when they’re signing up new franchisees and collecting substantial fees from people who want to buy a business.

It’s easy to get fed up with a corporate gig, especially for those who’ve been laid off. The right career path might be purchase of a franchise, but it’s useful to know, before hand, some of the facts that suggest franchise ownership is a good choice. And also to know why it might be the wrong move.


A proven system is one of the key advantages offered by franchisors. You’ll hear when examining a franchise business to buy, that the franchisor has already learned how to operate the business effectively. They’ve made the mistakes, so to speak, saving you considerable time and money. They’ve built up a recognizable brand and figured out the best way to promote it.

Buying a franchise often is easier than getting an independent business for sale because a potential purchaser has plenty of people–other franchisees–who can help with the due diligence by discussing their own success and problems. And acquiring a franchise usually can be accomplished with better financing than is available when buying an independent (non-franchise) company.

Once in business, many franchisees appreciate the practical and experienced advice they get about building sales and avoiding problems from the franchisor. And they benefit from pricing and service advantages when purchasing products and supplies that they can acquire with other franchisees at group rates.


But buyer candidates are advised not to get swept away by the franchisor’s assurances and enthusiasm, because franchises fail more frequently than the parent companies admit. And there are some negatives to this business strategy that the franchisor won’t reveal.

The first drawback, of course, is the need to pay a fee of several thousand dollars, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands, just for the privilege in investing in the business. That chunk of cash is required in addition to the money a buyer has to produce for build-out of a new franchise or acquisition of an existing business for sale. Then there’s working capital and marketing money that must go into the pot. Financial help from the franchisor is a definite benefit of getting involved in the business. But prospective buyers should do the math to make certain there will be enough income remaining after debt service to justify the price and the terms.

And while there is benefit to a system that is proven to work in producing and selling products and services, it also means limitations. The franchisee usually can’t expand the business by addition of say, ice cream cones at the sandwich shop, or by performing brake jobs along with transmission repairs. Violation of the franchise agreement by breaking the rules can have dire consequences, such as losing the business and all that was invested.

Prospective franchise owners also need to understand the risk that comes with a well-known brand name. Just ask fast food franchise owners who suffered a big drop in business, not their fault, because of bad publicity when another franchisee sold contaminated french fries.

Like evaluating any business problem, a key to deciding on whether to buy a franchise is to rely in great measure on common sense. Another key is to learn as much as possible about the industry in which the company is involved.

Now What Do I Do? Retired and Franchising

With more and more seniors finding that either by way of necessity or purely out of a desire to continue to remain in the work force, many are turning to opening their own businesses. Franchising provides a stable, solid way for retirees to find business solutions that can really bring about a more assertive approach to how they wish to go about doing just that.

Many seniors find that using their IRAs or 401k is the way to go when seeking out financing for start up. In this, they find that their start up goes much, much faster than perhaps other means of finding funds, and they are able to go ahead and begin doing business and getting their grounding. This also has benefits in the tax realm, often, as the IRA continues to grow, tax free and more money is accrued there. As well, utilizing this means of start up can be a great way to get a business going, buy into a franchise- without piling on a lot of debt and reduces the overhead often associated with loans and interest rates.

This is often where the Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA comes into play. This allows for a wide variety of retirement options to be utilized in investments- that is, in business start up, franchises or real estate. Sources include: IRAs, 401k, Keogh, and 403bs, and your accountant or investment adviser will be best equipped to tell you where it falls in line with your goals and plans in business and if what you are looking to do is actually outlined in the ERISA.

From the outset, the process of directing these things to buy into a franchise seems fairly simple, however- you do need to have professional help to enable you to make sure that you are not only making the soundest possible investment, but also, to ensure that you are still acting within the provisions set about by ERISA. However, adequate legal counsel in this can make sure that you are working with and not against the IRS, and everything goes just as smoothly as it needs to.

There are many other options for seniors and retirees who prefer to go into business and franchising. Looking into the Small Business Loan Administration or SCORE, as well as talking to the franchisor themselves can often lead to you being able to find the start up, or discounts that you may qualify for and is definitely something worth looking into for any senior who may be wanting to become self employed in this way. SCORE has no fee, and can generally also enable seniors to be able to have access to a wealth of not only funding information, but business management seminars and coaches that will also benefit them. Being able to continue working, and being independent is something that is certainly within the grasp of any retiree who feels that franchising may be the right path for them.